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Romantic Erotica for Women, Men, Couples and more…

A romantic at heart, my erotic stories often focus around existing relationships.

Happily married couples who decide to spice up their sex lives by exploring new kinks. Women exploring their exhibitionist streaks. Men finding pleasure through the joys of voyeurism.

While I often write about couples exploring wife sharing and the hotwife lifestyle, I tend away from writing cuckold and humiliation stories. There are many talented authors fulfilling this niche in a more satisfying manner than I could.

My, and my characters’ preference is for strong, dominant alpha-style husbands and men.

Much of my romantic erotica includes elements of control, dominance and submission. My XXX stories focus on the pleasures of lust and passion, with a sensual focus on female desires and arousal.

The inclusion of hot-blooded sex makes my erotic fiction a pleasurable and gratifying source of entertainment for men, women, couples and more 😉 .

Visit my catalogue and find your next kinky pleasure.